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    grand aunt
  1. grand-aunt

    • n.
      another term for great-aunt
    • noun: grand-aunt, plural noun: grand-aunts

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    • 請問英文great/grand的用法

      你查英文字典的family tree,有的字典會用圖表把闗係的名稱列出來. 有great aunt和great uncle的稱呼,是和grandfather, grandmother同級的 沒有great father的稱謂,可能是...

    • 長輩的英文稱謂

      Grand uncle, Grand aunt

    • 急急急!!!幫翻譯一下英文(15點)

      ...unforgettable was our tour around Tainan and visit to our grand aunt who we had not seen for a long time. 我們去了七股鹽山、北門的...