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    • 中文話劇要翻譯成英文

      grandson: grandma,how do you got such a long scar on your leg? grandma:um......there is an accident occur the assistance that came from nurses and doctors,I started to accept the scar grandson:Wow! doctors and nurses are formidable .no only for saving patient life but helping...

    • 英文信翻譯中文..拜託

      ...significant thing I can give to my dearest daughter and grandson.照顧小孩對我而言,實在是件苦差事,但這很好玩且值得的...type letter in English. 附註:抱歉!我女兒的電腦裡沒有中文軟體,因此我只能打英文信。

    • 英文的親戚~

      ...姪孫grandnephew 姪孫女grandniece 姪媳婦nephew's wife 孫女婿granddaughter's husband 孫媳婦grandson's wife 曾孫great-grandson