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  1. grasp

    • IPA[grɑːsp]



    • n.
      緊抓;掌握; 控制
    • vt.
    • 過去式:grasped 過去分詞:grasped 現在分詞:grasping

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 緊抓 the pen fell from her grasp 鋼筆從她手中掉落 to take a firm/strong grasp on or of sth. 緊緊地/有力地握住某物
    • 2. 掌握; 控制 in the grasp of sb./sth. 在某人/某物的控制之中 to escape/slip from or out of sb.'s grasp 逃脫/擺脫某人的控制
    • 3. 理解 to have a good/sound grasp of sth. 對某事物有充分/徹底的理解 to have a poor grasp of sth. 對某事物了解甚少


    • 1. 抓住 he grasped me by the arm 他揪住了我的胳膊 to grasp the chance or opportunity 抓住機會
    • 2. 理解 she could never grasp what to do/how to do it 她永遠不明白該做甚麼/怎麼做 to grasp the seriousness/enormity/meaning of sth. 理解某事的嚴重性/艱巨性/意思


    1. seize and hold firmly

    2. take (an opportunity) eagerly

    3. comprehend fully

    4. a firm hold or grip

    5. a person's power or capacity to attain something

    6. a person's understanding


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