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  1. grasp at


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    • ph.
    • 1. 攫取

      He grasped at every opportunity. 他抓住每一個機會。

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    • 英文好的來 不要翻譯機><把握時間 否則你將會後悔的英文怎翻

      "Grasp at time, or if you'll be regretful." or "You will regret if you don't grasp at time." * grasp at 是片語,有攫取的意思 ex: He grasped at every opportunity.(他抓住每一個機會) take your time,比較不適合說把握時間...

    • 一把"抓"的動詞差異

      ...fact; essence/implication/reality/depth/situation/complexity…etc. 也能grasp具體的bar/handle,或grasp at a straw但是機率相對少很多It's easier for me to grasp the...

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