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  1. gratuitous

    • KK[grəˋtjuətəs]
    • DJ[grəˋtju:itəs]


    • adj.
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    • IPA[grəˈtjuːɪtəs]



    • adj.
      無理由的; 不必要的 a gratuitous insult 無端的侮辱 there is a lot of gratuitous violence on television 電視裡有很多無謂的暴力鏡頭
    • 免費的,無理由的


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      ...的過程中需要顧及內容的適宜性和學生的舒適度. 2.Films with explicit sex, gratuitous violence and excessive profanity should probably be ruled out. 凡影片中 帶有暴露...

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      ...please reply to my email and inform me. Since the insurance is gratuitous, I am unable to refund the shipping insurance fee. 4. ...

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