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  1. green about (or around or at) the gills

    • ph.
      (of a person) looking or feeling ill or nauseous
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    • green in the gills

      green in the gills 是成語 =green about the gills =green around the gills 意思是:生病的樣子:令人噁心的子: 例句:After that bumpy ride she looked quite green about the gills. 經過一路顛簸之後,她臉色難看像生病的樣子

    • 有關顏色的英文片語

      ...記憶。(f)使電視傳訊中斷。 black and tan (terrier) 黑褐相間的梗犬 green綠色: green about the gills 【俚】因恐懼或生病而臉色蒼白;憔悴;噁心。 green-eyed monster...

    • 求 與顏色有關的常用語(急~~~~)

      ... looked green around the gills after the monster 極度忌妒的人 green light 准許... white with fear. 他們嚇的臉色發白white about the gills (嚇得)臉色發白的while lie 無...