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  1. green on blue

    • ph.
      denoting or relating to an attack made on one's own side by forces regarded as neutral
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    • Waiting on the line of greens be with you - Deep inside I hope you feel it too - Waited on a line of greens and blues - Just to be the next to be with you. 綠色代表羨慕與嫉妒。藍色表示哀愁...

    • 貓王 Blue Christmas 歌詞翻譯,20點。

      ... without you (喔~~)沒有你.我將會有一個藍色的聖誕節 Ill be so blue just thinking about you ** 我將會憂鬱地只是(整天)想著妳 Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree 紅色的飾品(依然)裝飾著綠色的聖誕樹 Won'...

    • 有關顏色的英文片語

      ...sweep 害群之馬 as black as the ace of spades【口】 漆黑一圈 get/have the blues心情沮喪 grass is always greener on the other side 這山望著那山高 look at/see the world through rose-...