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    green with envy

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    • 以下的英文成語&俗語的意思

      1. to cast pearls before swine 對牛彈琴 2. green with envy 非常嫉妒 3. know the ropes 熟知內情.掌握...我看還是省省吧! 2011-06-18 11:40:46 補充: 2. green with envy 美國的鈔票是綠色的,用來形容羨慕跟妒忌比自己...

    • 請問go gren with envy是做何解釋?

      go(be) green with envy(jealousy)就是嫉妒的意思 所以Wouldn't your friends go...

    • 翻譯一段小句子--- 20點

      ...not I eat onions everyday. Here we go, 1. I am green with envy = 我很嫉妒. 例句: My new computer makes my neighbor green with envy...