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  1. greeted

    • greet的動詞過去式、過去分詞
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    • they can be used to greet 英文問題

      ... sentence is written as: They are used to greeting a friend and relative. then you will use "greeting". 2012-06-14 01...

    • greet people

      ...是沒錯啦~!!但第三回答的人他說的和你說的一樣啊!! 他說的是Do not greet people with kiss . 你說的是Don't greet peope by kiss. 其實Don...

    • 請問一句關於that greeted的句子

      ... canon is what lies behind the criticism and disbelief that greeted a recent report that a low-fat diet might not prevent breast cancer, colon cancer, or heart...