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    grey haired
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    • 「銀髮菜籃族」的英文怎麼說?

      the grey-haired housewives菜籃族也就是家庭主婦吧注意白髮在英文裡不是 white hair, grey hair 才對

    • 急!!求英文高手幫翻譯!!

      ..., the leading character in this film, was surrounded by grey-haired people in his entire childhood that he must face the fact that people he loved...

    • 請麻煩幫我翻一下中文......

      William說:「我回家後當了農夫並且有了個家庭(or我回家後當了農夫並且成家)」。他看著Old Campbell和Hamish,然後走向馬去。在回家的路上, 他停下來看著他父親和哥哥(弟弟)的墳墓許久。 Willian已有兩個星期沒看到Murron了...