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  1. grievance

    • IPA[ˈɡrēvəns]


    • n.
      a real or imagined wrong or other cause for complaint or protest, especially unfair treatment;an official statement of a complaint over something believed to be wrong or unfair
    • noun: grievance, plural noun: grievances

    • 釋義
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    • n.
      an official process for dealing with a complaint raised by an employee against their employer ... her complaint was resolved through a grievance procedure

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • IPA[ˈɡriːv(ə)ns]


    • n.
      a real or imagined cause for complaint, especially unfair treatment: a website which enabled staff to air their grievances

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • air my grievances的意思?

      這邊air 當動詞用,指發表,宣傳等. grievances -不平,牢騷,抱怨,冤屈... 這句話是指- 發牢騷,抱怨不平等

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      ... and teachers... 回到題目 翻譯: There have been no grievances OR problems reported in the last six months. 在過去...

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      ...如果是像我們這樣總在這裏生活的話又該怎麼辦呢? ] *Men often bear little grievances with less courage than they do large misfortunes. --->人們常常沒有經歷...