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  1. grind

    • IPA[ɡrʌɪnd]


    • v.
      reduce (something) to small particles or powder by crushing it;sharpen, smooth, or produce (something) by crushing or by friction
    • n.
      a crushing or grating sound or motion;the size of ground particles
    • noun: grind, plural noun: grinds

    • verb: grind, 3rd person present: grinds, gerund or present participle: grinding, past tense: ground, past participle: ground

    • 釋義
    • 片語



    • 1. a crushing or grating sound or motion the crunch and grind of bulldozers the slow grind of the US legal system
    • the size of ground particles only the right grind gives you all the fine flavour
    • 2. hard dull work relief from the daily grind
    • US informal an excessively hard-working student.
    • Irish a private tuition class experienced teacher offers grinds in Maths and Irish, to all levels
    • 3. informal a dancer's erotic gyration of the hips a bump and grind
    • British vulgar slang, dated an act of sexual intercourse.
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      1. ground 是一個多義字,在本句情境中,意為「根據」或「理由」。 2. The difficulty lies in ascertaining the time when a ground for binding the promisor emerges. 約束立約人的理由何時出現,這...

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      ...政府已規定了最低工資) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ground (n) 指地面,即陸地的表面;也與 soil 同義,指泥土、土地 地面 ex: Snow...

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      ...所以, [折磨] 被引伸為磨難或苦難的意思. [Suggestion]:這裡不要只是看 Grinding這個當形容詞用的動作分詞 (V+ ing). 還是得回歸到 Grind 的本意...