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  1. grinned

    • grin的動詞過去式、過去分詞
  2. 知識+

    • grin和smile的差別

      smile : 意思是微笑, 指無聲的笑, 通常表示愉快 親切 友好等 同時也表示譏諷 嘲笑等 grin : 露齒而笑 ( 因痛苦 憤怒等 ) 齜齒咧嘴

    • 關於own的用法

      The witch who always has a grin owns the apartment in which Matt left his hat...56 補充: "關係代名詞who已經修飾了always has a grin跟owns the apartment的主詞是什麼了" 雖然您這句話...

    • 請解釋這兩個片語?

      ...speech to give, but I think she made the best of a bad job.2.  grin and bear it-----對於不利的情況既然無法改進它只好接受to accept an unpleasant or difficult...