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  1. grip

    • IPA[grɪp]



    • n.
      抓牢; 開始處理某人/某事; 開始理解某人/某事;抓牢的方式; 握拍法; 握杆法; 擒拿法; 握力
    • vt.
      抓牢; 夾牢; 咬住;抓住
    • vi.
    • 過去式:gripped 過去分詞:gripped 現在分詞:gripping

    • 名詞複數:grips

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 抓牢; 開始處理某人/某事; 開始理解某人/某事 to lose one's grip 鬆手 to tighten one's grip on sth. 將某物抓得更緊
    • 2. 抓牢的方式; 握拍法; 握杆法; 擒拿法; 握力 a weak or feeble grip 無力的一握 to hold sb./sth. in a tight grip 緊緊抓住某人/某物
    • 3. 抓力 the tyres lost their grip 這些輪胎已經不防滑了
    • 4. 控制 to get or take a grip on or of oneself 控制住自己 to lose one's grip 無法認清自己的處境
    • 5.
    • 6. 髮夾
    • 7. 旅行袋


    • 1. 抓牢; 夾牢; 咬住 to grip a handrail with both hands 用雙手緊緊抓住扶手 to grip sth. between one's teeth 緊緊咬住某物
    • 2. 抓住
    • 3. 吸引住; 攫住 she was gripped by a feeling of excitement 她激動萬分 the country was gripped by recession 該國陷入了經濟衰退


    • 1. 抓地 the tyres failed to grip on the ice 輪胎在冰上打滑了


    1. take and keep a firm hold of; grasp tightly

    2. (of an emotion or situation) have a strong or adverse effect on

    3. firmly hold the attention or interest of

    4. a firm hold; a tight grasp

    5. a manner of holding something

    6. the ability of something, especially a wheel or shoe, to maintain a firm contact with a surface

    7. effective control over something

    8. an understanding of something

    9. a travelling bag

    10. a stagehand in a theatre


    「1. take and keep a firm hold of; grasp tightly」的反義字

    「2. firmly hold the attention or interest of」的反義字