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  1. grips

    • grip的名詞複數
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    • 想請問caught in the grips的意思(英翻中)

      caught in the grips of panic panic在此應是恐荒,不安之意 應該譯成"陷入恐慌... half of 2008 as the market was caught in the grip of financial panic.

    • 中翻英 - grip

      The nightly protests have gripped deprived areas where unemployment is rife and residents...

    • 英文 get a grip on

      原來get a grip的意思是握緊,現在則引申為掌握或掌控的意思。 get a grip 還有另一層意思... short on, young man. It's not worth to blow top. Get a grip. get/take a grip (on yourself) 使(自己)鎮定下來;控制住(自己的...