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  1. grossest

    • gross的形容詞最高級
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    • 回答Gross-Out Gummy...的人??

      Gross-Out: 令人嘔吐, 感到噁心 Gummy: 軟糖 gummy bear: 干貝熊軟糖 Gross...得很噁心, 令人想吐的軟糖 參照 In the World of Sweets, Gross Is Good By KIM SEVERSON Published...

    • TOP GROSSING 是什麼意思??

      ...付費下載的前100名 Top 100 (free) 免費下載的前100名 Top 100 (grossing) 下載總營收的前100名,應該是單價乘以數量的結果 例如 Angry ...

    • the gross national debt

      ...percentage by not knowing the denominator in the equation. In addition original gross debt wasn't explained the shares between the public and the private...