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  1. ground substance


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    • 很急~~~請大大幫我翻譯英文這一篇

      這位78y/o女性有1.spinal meningocele s/p的歷史操作在3/6. 2.Diabetes Mellitus與OHA控制。 在口頭療程的3.hypertension。 4.Coronary動脈疾病歷史。 被診斷的 pressive骨髓病上11月。 6.suspected sjogren。她更比10years接受L4.5和transpedicle螺絲定像...

    • 請問 dictionary.com網頁為什麼不會顯示內容?

      ...finely powdered earth or other matter in the air. 3. any finely powdered substance, as sawdust. 4. the ground; the earth's surface. 5. the substance to which something, as the dead human body, ...

    • X-ray檢查結果? - 這網頁有這方面資料 patchy ground-glass RML... - the diffusion or accumulation of substances not normal to it or in amounts in excess of the...