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    grow downwards

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    • 急!請幫我解釋分析這兩小篇英文詩

      ... tree has grown in my breast- 樹長成了我的胸膛 Downward, 再往下看 The branches grow out of me, like arms. 樹枝長成了我的手臂 Tree you are...

    • 關於公司產品銷售四句,中譯英

      Change the original downward trend of products and attain a steady growth with annual revenue of NT$200 million; product E also grows by 6% and becomes the leading index of products.

    • at、into用法(含其他文法題)

      ...這裡的確是對的 4. Enrollment in the evening program has grown steadily, 夜間課程的註冊情形穩步上升中 enrollment(S)+ in the evening...