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  1. grow together

    • vi.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 變得更親近
    • 2. 長到一起 a tangle of bushes which had grown together 一團糾纏蓬亂的灌木
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    • 英文文法不懂?

      1.If your eyebrows grow together or your arms are hairy,you will be very rich.〈請改寫成分詞...

    • 很急~請問大大們有(英文)><顏色放入句子的另一種意思?

      1.白頭偕老(Growing old together) 2.白雲蒼狗(White clouds dark green ) 9.花紅柳綠(Spring scenery ) 10.白頭到老(Growing old together) 11.白首同歸(The elderly with turns over...

    • 英文的成語

      ...熟能生巧Practice makes perfect 白頭偕老Grows old together 狐假虎威A bully with a coward's heart 有志竟成...a fall 物以類聚 Birds of a feather flock together 旁觀者清 Lookers-on see most of the game...