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    • 這四者的英文意思

      ...發生在遠古的某個時代。 some times (可數複數名詞) 好幾倍A bamboo grows some times taller than s a man.竹子生長(的高度)比人高出好幾倍。 ~請參考...

    • 請問這段英文怎麼翻比較順??

      ...是基於,分散式企業系統之複雜事件處理(註一)的技術和工具。 They grew over time to encompass electronic dashboards, business activity monitoring software...

    • <英文選擇題>(when)(by time )選擇題3題

      ...2.( ) Languages just like people live and die, and also they grow and hange ______time. A) with B)by →答案是 with, with time--隨著時間 句中的 hange...