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    • 英文演講When I grow up

      題目是When I grow up My dear principal, teachers and classmates. . Today...five wishes , I want to get into a groove, [養成 ] when I will grow up. . One is Confidence, two is Love, the...

    • grow up 的用法

      hello After he grew up, he has become a teacher. 你這樣用怪怪ㄉ 怎嚜前面是過去式 後面變成...

    • ”當我長大後” 英文怎說

      應該用 "when I grow up",而不是 "after I grow up";理由如下: "after I...英文中,外國人的想法是,"當我長大時";如果你用 "after I grow up",他們會覺得你好像在說等你年過半百的樣子,所以不能使用 "after...