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  1. grub about


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    • 1. 翻尋 Stop grubbing about there and tell me what you're looking for. 別在那兒東翻西找的,告訴我你要什麼。
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    • boo 噓聲 動詞用法

      ...用法喔 名詞:You never said boo to me about overtime. a loud boo from the bleachers<...grab at something 用手抓住某樣東西 >>>>take a grub? "grub" 在口語中是可以指食物 但我從來沒聽過...

    • 有關紐西蘭kiwi bird....

      ... than males. Kiwis grow to about the size of a chicken and weigh between three and nine ...the kiwi feeds on worms, insects and grubs, supplemented by leaves, berries...