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    • 可怕的,令人毛骨悚然的,陰森的
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    • CSI中大家常常形容Grissom的前面的那個單字是什麼?

      版主您好 您說的那個字就是Gruesome,他被稱為Gruesome Grissom。 Gruesome...s head. The character is called Gruesome Grissom by some who know him, and he...

    • most gruesome kind of ...?

      每個身經百戰的老兵,一聽到這個殺魔之王的惡名,就膽顫心驚,此幽靈般的魔王能使出任何大家想像得到,令人毛骨悚然的殺人手法。 out <=same as deal 2. shadowy<=幽暗的模糊的, 朦朧的; 難以捉摸的幽靈般的; 虛無的, 虛幻的

    • 請問以下這句英文是什麼意思??

      ... now found themselves the unwilling objects of a gruesome sort of reflected fame as they walked the corridors. 順序...