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  1. guestroom

    • KK[ˋgɛst͵rum]
    • DJ[ˋgestrum]


    • = guest room
  2. 知識+

    • 這樣的翻譯行不行?

      ...把您的英文版稍微修飾一下,給您參考:The HOTEL has 90 guestrooms in which you could enjoy 24-hour hot-spring. All rooms have beautiful...

    • 英文 期刊 翻譯

      ...thebathroom, state of furniture, and other similar indicators to infer thequality of the guestroom. 旅客常會以棉被床單的鋪設, 浴室的清潔, 家具的新舊情形, 或其他類似的指標...

    • 我夢想中的房子

      ...quiet suburb.  It should contains 5 rooms with a study room, a guestroom and many walk-in closets.  Each individual room has large ...