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  1. guide

    • IPA[gaɪd]



    • n.
      嚮導; 導遊;指導者
    • vt.
      為…引路;牽引; 駕駛
    • 過去式:guided 過去分詞:guided 現在分詞:guiding

    • 名詞複數:guides

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • n.
    • 1. 嚮導; 導遊

      a tour guide 導遊

    • 2. 指導者

      a spiritual/moral guide 精神導師/道德指導者

      let reason be your guide 做事要靠理智

    • 3. 指示

      this figure is only meant to be a guide 這一數字只是起指導作用

      to give sb. a guide as to sth. 給某人有關某事的指示

    • 4. 旅行指南; 手冊

      a guide to Greece 希臘旅行指南

      a user's guide to sth. 某物的用戶手冊

    • 5. 女童子軍

      a Brownie/Ranger Guide 初級/高級女童子軍

      Queen's/King's Guide 皇家女童子軍

    • 6. 導向裝置
    • vt.
    • 1. 為…引路

      he guided her through the crowd/to the garden 他領著她穿過人群/走向花園

      he guided the country through the war/to victory 他領導全國度過戰爭時期/走向勝利

    • 2. 牽引; 駕駛
    • 3. 指導

      let your common sense guide you 依照常識行事吧

      be guided by my advice 聽我的建議吧

    • 4. 導引


    1. a person who shows the way to others, especially one employed to show tourists around places of interest

    2. a person who advises others, especially in matters of behaviour or belief

    3. a thing that helps someone to form an opinion or make a decision or calculation

    4. a book, document, or display providing information on a subject or about a place

    5. show or indicate the way to (someone)

    6. direct or influence the behaviour or development of


    「1. show or indicate the way to (someone)」的反義字

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