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    • 英文克漏字(幫我找錯誤的題目)

      9.應該是(C) turn A into B ... 把A變成B 10.應該是(B) to save不然就有兩個動詞囉~ 第三個不太確定... 可能是第6題,應該用(C) as 以...的形式 個人認為啦~

    • 請幫我翻這篇文章20點(要通順!)

      ...30:28 補充: 7-Eleven is known internationally for Big Gulp® fountain soft drinks, Big Bite® hot dogs, ...

    • 請英文高手summary這篇文章

      1. Before my son went to an amusement park on September 2nd, I made him a fast sandwich which he did not finish and was left on the center of the table when he left. 2. At approx. 6:25 PM I saw this plate fly off the table and...