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    • 湧出,滔滔不絕的講話湧出,迸出,滔滔不絕的講話
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    • 看不懂的英文

      ...了 如拉屎之類的俚語 所以在這我姑且翻成"生出" 2. you are gushing more then a bus load of Priests at a little leauge game. gush也有噴出的意思...

    • 可以幫我把歌詞翻譯成英文嗎

      Tears Even gush out In the smile with dripping wet sweat No one will notice...

    • 滅火器使用法中翻英

      ...cover 6.Left and right sides move the sweeping department to gush out 5.The root of fire source of orientation is gushed out...