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  1. habitual shopping


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    • 請幫忙翻譯以下句子有關鹽酥雞

      ...chicken snacks, which one is the most impressive one to you? 習慣性惠顧 habitual buying behavior 逛街經過 to pass by while doing window shopping 觀賞表演 to watch performance 臨時購買 什麼是臨時購買 ??? ***** 你是止臨時...

    • 幫我中翻英一下~急急急~不要翻譯軟體

      ... and buying shouldn't do shopping s. In fact, these are all the marketing... a clever consumer, should understand the following habitual tactics of sales field, if know these, you can save...

    • 這一句話是甚麼意思?(特別不解was held into..

      The style of writing for this kind of sentence is so-called "end weight." it means, it doesn't want the sentence to be "top heavy", so it moves the "modifier" to the end of the sentence. If I rewrite the sentence as: An inquiry into the...