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  1. hack around

    • ph.
      pass one's time idly or with no definite purpose
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    • 關於道歉的英文...網路的道歉句子?

      Linda: Since my yahoo account has been hacked into and stolen, it has now been used for spreading the computer viruses around quite frequently. If you happen to have received any website link from...

    • 看病,求診時常用的英文句子

      ... has some pains and itching around her eyes. (她眼楮四周又痛又癢... a fever, aching muscles and hacking cough. (他有發燒,筋骨酸痛和常常咳嗽。) (hacking...

    • 整段式英文翻譯寫作

      ...們受到法律的制裁。 Nowadays, most of the countries around the globe put new laws into effet every year in order to prohibit computer-hacking, and impose legal sanctions agaist hackers. 【5】有些...