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    • 怪客,業余高段電腦使用者,惡作劇者,計算機竊賊
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    • I need hacker master please

      There is no such thing as hack master in Taiwan only hack pro, I am a hack pro.But I do not usually teach someone about it.

    • ~~英文短句翻譯~~3Q~

      Hackers that do damage to a system by releasing viruses or altering...黑客, deleting, or taking information are known as active hackers; 刪除,或採取資料即是積極的電腦黑客; they are, by far, the more dangerous...

    • 尋找英文高手...幫我翻譯此英文

      hacker:駭客 here:在這裡 hacker here:駭客在這裡