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  1. had

    • IPA[hæd]



    • ▶have
  2. 知識+

    • have/has/had文法

      Have (現在式) ex. I have a dog 我有一隻狗...long silky hair 我有一頭亮亮的頭髮 They have 5 children all together 他們總共有五個孩子...the right side 它的右邊有藍色的條紋 Coco has seven dollars in her purse 可可的錢包...

    • have / have been 差別

      ... married. 我已結婚. 如果你要用 I have been 的話應該是 I have been ...了. I am married. VS I have been married. 兩個都是形容詞文法(...

    • have had的用法極速幻影 have一般當動詞 有"擁有"的意思 ex.I...上必定會出現一句過去式子句當做基準時間 ex. I had had breakfast before I went to school...