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  1. had need

    • ph.
      ought to
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    • Have to, Need to, Must to 的比較

      have to = must 必須,但是must更強烈些 need to 需要, 口氣比較沒有那麼強烈 must 接的是原形動詞,不加to

    • 助動詞後面可接不定詞嗎 ? 英文文法

      ... ----> 否定例如: wouldn't dare to V其中have, need, dare都是一般動詞, 而非助動詞, 所以才可接不定詞 to...300405 2011-03-27 18:37:17 補充: >就因為you should have to pay for your own education/food etc存在 >並...

    • must have to need to 的差別??

      ...necessary or required, or must happen. (= must) Ex: The pilots had to take emergency action to avoid a disaster. need to - if you need to do something, you cannot successfully achieve what you want or...