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  1. hair slide


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    • 幾句中文需要翻譯成英文,請各位大大幫忙

      ...not know if I can trouble you USPS label on GIFT instead of the hair slide of Bill of lading and declaration is present and there is...

    • 急~~~~英文作業不會造

      ...強,不要出去) blew---->The wind blew over and his hair was standing.(風吹過來,他的頭髮翹了起來) get cold---->...

    • 這個文法爲啥是這樣用

      ...滑下那個滑梯 沒有do也是可以 I want to go down that slide. Nobody knows, not even himself. 這句..., because she has such a mop of silky golden hair. She empties the water down the tree , and it...