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    • ”The Man He Killed”這首英文詩的歷史背景?

      英國詩人湯瑪斯‧哈代(Thomas Hardy 1840-1928)的反戰詩就是著眼於全人類,而非一族一國。他在《他殺的那個人...

    • 請英文高手幫忙翻譯 (10點)

      ...出入. 4. It is estimated that fully half of the American working population now ...說他了解這片荒野. 前後文見: 7. Washington who could have...

    • 請好心人幫忙翻自傳 (贈20點)

      ...person of the society after graduating, because will have the good teachers half me four yearses of future it to attend school the road.Also and...