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    half hour

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    • half an hour

      1.half an hour (O) 2. an half hour (X) ==> a half hour 3. half hours (X) ==> half hour "..., if you change the above sentence as: I will see you in a half hour It is half an hour program. They would all sound awkward. ...

    • A half hour ? Half an hour ?

      ...Half an hour」是「一小時的一半」,也就是說「半小時」。 「A half hour」是「一個為期半小時的」,就像說「一個十八歲的」〈An 18 year old...

    • 請美語高手回答 (a) half an hour

      In a half an hour = in half an hour. a half an hour ago = half an hour ago. The reason hour, an apple, a student ... to follow this rule, that is why "in a half an hour" has "a" in front of half and "an" in front of hour...