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  1. half pint


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    • BBC的文句翻譯

      A:Can I have half a pint of Guinness please? B: Fancy a drink out?Or a crisp...酒杯都剛好是一品脫的容量,約473毫升,所以「a pint」就是「一杯」之解,「half pint」就是「半杯」,當然,不可能去倒剛好一半,所以有另外的小杯子,即為...

    • 請幫忙翻譯一首Rialto的歌

      ... Her silver pack of cigarettes A pint of milk, food for the cat But it's midnight now and...heaven knows what then Is this the end At half past two I picture her In the back of someone...