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  1. halves

    • IPA[havz]


    • plural form of half
  2. 知識+

    • half an hour

      1.half an hour (O) 2. an half hour (X) ==> a half hour 3. half hours (X..., if you change the above sentence as: I will see you in a half hour It is half an hour program. They would all...

    • 關於這個HALF用法問題幫回答下

      A / The half of eight is four. Q1. half 前面什麼情況才要加上冠詞? Half... for Advanced Learners 2007 edition p.677例句: Half of us are still unemployed. 48 is half of 96. Let'...

    • half 的用法

      ...跟他們揮揮手說再見 A 是通俗的說法: i only have half an hour to answer your question B 是附加的說法...2011-10-07 05:32:13 補充: 最懶人的記法就是 1. 記得 half an hour 是獨立存在的單位 2. 只要確定 a half hour 都是...