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  1. hammer away

    • vi.
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    • 1. 反複敲打 to hammer away at sth./sb. 反複敲打某物/某人 I could hear him hammering away at the door 我可以聽到他一直在敲門
    • 2. 作不懈努力 to hammer away at the problem/point 致力於解決這個問題/反複強調這一點
    • ph.
      努力做某事 hammer away at a difficult problem 刻苦鑽研一難題
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    • 我要El Condor Pasa的翻譯

      ...would. If I could, I surely would I'd rather be a hammer than a nail Yes I would, If I only could, I surely would Away, I'd rather sail away Like a swan that's here and gone...

    • 急~!!請幫我翻譯成中文謝謝!!要翻好ㄧ點喔

      ... head, pounding on your brain with a hammer. Beside him, a rock musician is ...explode. You have a headache,and you think it will never go away. 有個小人在你的腦子裏, 用鐵鎚敲你的腦, 除了他之外...

    • 英文句子填空翻譯問題

      ...如下 1. The _(h)wood _ on our porch is starting to rot away because of all the termites. 門廊處的木頭開始腐爛,因為被許多白蟻蛀蝕...