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  1. hammer out

    • ph.
      laboriously work out the details of a plan or agreement;play a tune loudly or clumsily, especially on the piano
  2. 知識+

    • 關於形容子句還原回來之問題

      ... of the many things being hammered out is the exact route. 此句還原回來是這樣... of the many things which is hammered out is the exact route. 所以用形容詞子句...

    • 這句請幫忙看一下hammer a nail lopsided

      ...:垂耳的(名詞+名詞+ed)是一個與上面類似的形容詞 I hammered (out) the metal flat. =我把這塊金屬鎚平。 2014-02-15 09:45:05 補充: 有些to be...

    • 英文句我不懂

      ...之所以困惑是由於你沒熟讀文法的"語態"(voice)這一章: It is hammered out. 這是現在式(present tense)的被動語態:s+verb to be+p.p. is 的原型是be...