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  1. hand basin


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    • 急-營造英文專有名詞(贈20點)

      ...1.3.8 Toilet 9蓮蓬頭 1.3.9 Shower head 10洗面盆 1.3.10 Hand basin 11嘔吐槽 1.3.11 Vanity Basin 12電燈 1.3.12 Light...

    • put down four and carry ..怎麼解釋

      這句英文,讀來不通順。我不知確切意思。我的推測: put down four and carry three eyes. 34 put down (drop, 棄) 4 只取(carry) 30. 30 有人說3(O),eye 是圓的,30說是3 eyes也不無可能。有人喜歡用俏皮的方式表達。 2010-01-31 14:28:13 補充: 我讀了這句的前後語,該是這樣...

    • 請幫我翻譯有關浴室內裝置的英文

      ...wall beside the toilet has a roll of toilet paper and a rubbish bin. The hand towel is hanging on the left side of the wall next to the wash basin. The changing room is apartition out on the right side of the wash...