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    • HAND的用法 place a hand on something for support 攤牌 → to lay one's hand on the table HAND OVER 交出 → I've handed over my place on the committee...

    • hand over中文意思

      hand 就有面交的意思啦 像…He handed me a coffee. hand over 是有交出、送交 交出:I've handed over my place on the office 送交:the thief was handed over to the police.

    • on/over/above的差別在哪?

      ...prep. (介係詞 preposition)1. 在...上He laid a hand on my shoulder.他把一隻手放在我肩上。2. 以...支持 on me.再來一杯咖啡,我請客。13. 帶在...身上over 圖片參考: