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    hand over

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    • hand over, transfer哪個比較恰當?

      ...交談的時候 可以用PASS Can you PASS this pen to him? hand over 有點像被強劫的時候,歹徒跟被害人說的話 hand over your wallet/money! 或...

    • hand over中文意思

      hand 就有面交的意思啦 像…He handed me a coffee. hand over 是有交出、送交 交出:I've handed over my place on the office 送交:the thief was handed over to the police.

    • 英文翻譯問題make money hand over fis

      make money hand over fist 輕鬆賺大錢 money表「錢」,hand表「手」,fist表「拳頭」。hand over fist...俚語據說源於航海生活,因為船員拖漁網或是升起船帆時,必須左右手交替拉繩子,hand over fist即引申有「快速的」、「毫不費力的」意思,類似中文「易如反掌」的說法...