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  1. hand something round (or around)

    • ph.
      offer something to each of a number of people in turn
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    • 翻譯:上交流道, 去尾數

      ...4. 數字8.3 去掉小數點後為8 round the number 8.3 to 8 5...竿子打翻一船人 paint (tar) somebody/something with the same brush 2014-10-18 02...quot;, but ramp. On the other hand, when you change from one highway to another...

    • 麻煩高手翻譯這首歌詞,感謝

      ...在結束的那天都把它扔了 If you needing something I can give 如果你需要我能給的一切 I... know that I would give you my hand 如果你很誠實,而你說你知道,我會牽著你的手 Or...

    • 英文高手(急)二十點

      押運 你要看每句話的字尾的單子 例如 S under the holsteins' steaming noses. They sway on their hooves and swat dangerous tails, but he is thinking of snow, how it blows across the gray pond...