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  1. hand-worked

    • KK[ˋhændˋwɝkt]
    • DJ[ˋhændˋwə:kt]


    • = hand-wrought
  2. 知識+

    • many hands make light work.

      "misfortunes never come single"--禍不單行 "many men,many mind"--人多口雜 "many hands make light work"--眾擎易舉

    • 請幫我檢查一下文法,謝謝

      ... a devoted team player. (2) They will allow me to gain hands-on work experiences and enjoy social life in work environment early. (3)In college...

    • work後的動詞怎麼變化呢?

      The poverty-stricken child works part-time handing out flyers on the street to help support his family. 這個窮困的孩子...