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  1. handle

    • IPA[ˈhandl]


    • v.
      feel or manipulate with the hands;manage (a situation or problem)
    • n.
      the part by which a thing is held, carried, or controlled;a means of understanding, controlling, or approaching (a person or situation)
    • noun: handle, plural noun: handles

    • verb: handle, 3rd person present: handles, gerund or present participle: handling, past tense: handled, past participle: handled

    • 釋義
    • v.
    • 1. feel or manipulate with the hands:

      heavy paving slabs can be difficult to handle

      people who handle food

    • 2. manage (a situation or problem):

      a lawyer's ability to handle a case properly

    • 3. control or manage commercially:

      the advertising company that is handling the account

    • 4. deal with (someone or something):

      I don't think I could handle it if they turned me down

    • 5. conduct oneself in a specified manner:

      he handled himself with considerable aplomb

    • 6. defend oneself physically or verbally:

      I can handle myself in a fight

    • 7. drive or control (a vehicle):

      where did you learn to handle a boat?

    • 8. (of a vehicle) respond in a specified manner when being driven or controlled:

      a roadworthy bicycle that also handles well off the pavement

    • n.
    • 1. the part by which a thing is held, carried, or controlled:

      the pan features helpful lifting handles

    • 2. a means of understanding, controlling, or approaching (a person or situation):

      it'll give people some kind of handle on these issues

      get a handle on your life

    • 3. a name or nickname:

      that's some handle for a baby

      a former Washington DJ whose handle was ‘Fat Daddy’

    • 4. a person’s username on an online forum or social media site:

      she's changed her Twitter handle

    • 5. the total amount of money bet over a particular time (typically at a casino) or at a particular sporting event:

      the monthly handle of a couple of casinos in Las Vegas

    • 6. a large bottle in which liquor is sold, typically holding one half gallon:

      a handle of Jim Beam

  2. 知識+

    • firm handle

      firm handle = 十足把握 as slim as the margins = 像紙張邊緣那般薄 = 很少 2008... 因為公佈出來的數據很少 It’s difficult to get a firm handle on the biodiesel industry’s situation 所以對生質柴油工業的情況難以掌握

    • handling of woman是什麼意思?

      handling of woman 可以是駕馭女人。這要看上文下理。 一般是解 應付(對)女性,跟女性交往。 He is very good in handling of woman. 他應付女性很有辦法。 他跟女性交往很有辦法。 翻譯成駕馭女人的話...

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      1. Shipping handling. These were for mother's day present but...2008-05-13 13:25:35 補充: 第1點的Shipping handling, 應該是之前有人在提問費用是包括了什麼. 所以才回答...