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  1. handle

    • IPA[ˈhændl]



    • n.
    • vt.
    • 過去式:handled 過去分詞:handled 現在分詞:handling

    • 名詞複數:handles

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 把手 to hold or take sth. by the handle 抓著某物的把手 to turn a handle 旋轉把手
    • 2. to start a car on or with the handle 搖手柄發動汽車 to fly off the handle 大發雷霆
    • 3. 理解 to get a handle on sb./sth. 弄懂某人/某事的意思 to give sb. a handle (on sth.) 使某人弄懂(某事)
    • 4. 稱呼
    • 5. 頭銜 to have a handle to one's name 名字前冠有頭銜


    • 1. handle with care’ “小心搬運” to handle the ball 以手觸球
    • 2. 對待 to handle sb./sth. roughly/gently 粗暴/溫和地對待某人/某事物
    • 3. 管理
    • 4. 應付 to handle the crisis/pace 處理危機/控制速度 this car handles bends well 這輛車轉彎很靈活
    • 5. 負責
    • 6. 處理 the subway network handles over a million passengers a day 地鐵網每天可運送上百萬名乘客
    • 7. 經營 to handle imports 經營進口商品 to handle stolen goods 收受贓物
    • 8. 操縱 to handle the car/gun with great skill 嫻熟地駕駛汽車/使用槍支
    • 9. 涉及 to handle all aspects of the subject 論及這個問題的各個方面


    1. feel or manipulate with the hands

    2. manage (a situation or problem)

    3. have commercial responsibility for

    4. receive or deal in (stolen goods)

    5. cope or deal with (someone or something)

    6. drive or control (a vehicle)


    「1. cope or deal with (someone or something)」的反義字