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  1. handling

    • IPA[ˈhandliNG]


    • n.
      the act of taking or holding something in the hands.;the packaging and labeling of something to be shipped.
    • noun: handling, plural noun: handlings

    • 相關詞
    • n. a sum payable for the processing of an order or transaction:

    • be aware of handling charges at the time of purchase

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      firm handle = 十足把握 as slim as the margins = 像紙張邊緣那般薄 = 很少 2008... 因為公佈出來的數據很少 It’s difficult to get a firm handle on the biodiesel industry’s situation 所以對生質柴油工業的情況難以掌握

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      handling of woman 可以是駕馭女人。這要看上文下理。 一般是解 應付(對)女性,跟女性交往。 He is very good in handling of woman. 他應付女性很有辦法。 他跟女性交往很有辦法。 翻譯成駕馭女人的話...

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