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    • 扶手,欄杆
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    • banisters balustrade handrail?

      balustrade 是好幾跟垂直的欄杆(balusters) 組成的,通常是在handrail (扶手)或banisters(也是扶手) 下面 圖:http://thumbs.dreamstime...

    • 扶手吊環英文是什麼?

      扶手吊環-handrail stray-ring 扶手-handrail 輕鐵車廂裡面的扶手吊環, 英文是 handrail stray-ring 圖片...

    • 捷運的英文標語翻譯

      Please hold the handrails and stand formally onto the escalator. No Eating...14 補充: For your safety, please hold on to handrails or strap hangers at all times.