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  1. hands-on

    • IPA[ˌhan(d)zˈän]


    • adj.
      involving direct involvement or intervention;involving or offering active participation rather than theory
    • 釋義
    • adj.
    • 1. involving direct involvement or intervention:

      increasingly, CEOs are taking a hands-on approach to information security

    • 2. involving or offering active participation rather than theory:

      hands-on practice to gain experience

  2. 知識+

    • Hands on the desk 的英文涵意?

      因deck常被誤為desk,正確的說法應很可能是all hands on deck. 若是,它指「在緊急情況下,須要所有人... up before they arrive so it's all hands on deck. (在他們到達前,必需把這些清理乾淨...

    • 英文get my hands on

      ... no, that's a shame, how am I meant to get my hands on you now?:P 哦~那真是太糟了! 那我就摸(踫)不到尼了(吐舌頭)(&...

    • 什麼是hand-on training

      比較常聽到的是 hands-on training,很多是上課後的實習,像醫生除了在課堂上聽課外,在解剖課...