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  1. handshake

    • KK[ˋhænd͵ʃek]
    • DJ[ˋhændʃeik]


    • n.
    • 相關詞
    • ph. 【英】(公司等給高級職員的)(通常為大筆的)退職金, 遣散費

    • ph. 特大筆退休金;特大筆遣散費

    • ph. 【英】(大筆的)退職金;解僱費

    • ph. 【英】(大筆的)退職金;解僱費

    • ph. 特大筆退休金;特大筆遣散費

    • ph. 【電腦】三方溝通,允許兩個協定實體建立連線時間同步化

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    • The American Handshake的一些問題

      Generally speeking, handshake is the inter-action when two persons meet. But from the video...or two persons on the meeting. But in American handshake , if the relationship of the two persons is more close, they would have the...

    • what is "four-part handshake"

      what is "four-part handshake" ? A 4-part handshake is typically a deterministic procedure in human ( protect the information being exchanged. One example of 4-part handshake is HTTP protocol that is commonly used in www. 2014-04...

    • 一本教科書 HANDSHAKE.

      下面兩個供參: Handshake: A Course in Communication...-wrap available.